Wittenberg Professor liefert Buch – großartige Geschichte

Ich werde diesen Text jetzt nicht übersetzen da ich vermute dass ihr englisch könnt.
Zusammengefasst handelt es von einer negativen Amazowertung für ein mangelhaftes Exemplar eines Buches, der Autor sieht sie, setzt sich am 24. Dez ins Flugzeug und bringt ein neues Exemplar vorbei.

das Ganze gibt es hier zu lesen und hat Dan Fleisch 464,22 Dollar für Flüge und Mietwagen gekostet:


Wittenberg professor makes surprise book delivery

By Kelly Mori

SPRINGFIELD — When Wittenberg University professor Dan Fleisch read on Amazon.com that Michel Cuhaci of Ottawa had received a flawed copy of Fleisch’s book „A Student’s Guide to Maxwell’s Equation,“ he posted a comment, identifying himself as the author and promising Cuhaci he would try to send the book via overnight courier.

The only problem was, it was Christmas Eve.

„I called (parcel services), and getting it delivered was out of the question,“ he said. „Then I thought, ‚OK, maybe I can find a bookstore that had it in stock.‘ “

No luck — most bookstores had closed early.

„It got to be late afternoon. I couldn’t find anyway to get it to him.“

His next thought — he’d drive to Canada and deliver the $26 book himself.

„I looked at my iPhone and there was this massive blob (snowstorm) over the whole Northeast,“ he said.

Then he thought, „How about a counter-to-counter delivery“ through the airlines?

No direct flight to Ottawa, he learned.

„I was pretty much resigned I can’t get it to him. I felt pretty lousy,“ Fleisch said.

He took another look at the weather. It appeared there’d be a break in the snow by morning.

At 6 a.m. Christmas Day Fleisch was sitting in a plane at the Dayton airport waiting to head north.

„I’m sitting there. The plane is fairly empty, and I think, ‚Am I nuts?‘ “

Although that was the first time he had asked himself that question, he’s pretty sure his girlfriend had been questioning his sanity many, many hours before.

„I’m sure she was looking to see what other options she had in life,“ he said.

After landing, he drove a rental car to the Cuhaci house. Several cars were in the driveway … good sign.

He rehearsed his speech and got out and walked up the drive.

„If I’m going to get arrested. I just want to get it over with,“ he recalled thinking.

Cuhaci was at home, preparing to go to his nephew’s house, when the doorbell rang.

„My wife said, ‚There’s someone with a beard at the door,‘ “ Cuhaci said.

„I opened the door and there’s this guy in front of me saying, ‚Which book would you like, hardcover or soft?‘ “ Cuhaci said. „I was surprised and shocked. I was trying to understand what was happening.“

Fleisch told him he was the author, but wasn’t sure if Cuhaci comprehended.

„He was clearly an intelligent man, but you could just watch the wheels turning in his head,“ Fleisch said. Not wanting to intrude further, Fleisch apologized for the misprint, handed him the book and walked away.

Cuhaci, still confused, slowly closed the door and looked at his wife.

„I thought he said he was the author,“ Cuhaci told her. They ran to the computer and checked out Wittenberg’s Web site. There was a photo of Fleisch — the man who had just walked down their drive and pulled away.

„To think, there he was and I didn’t even ask him to sign it,“ Cuhaci said. „I didn’t even invite him in for coffee.“

Satisfied that he did the right thing, Fleisch headed back to the airport for a 90-minute flight home.

What he found was a backlog of travelers who had been delayed by the previous day’s snowstorm and also looking for flights.

„It took me 11 hours to get back,“ he said. „I got home sometime after midnight.“

The trip, Fleish said, was a good choice.

„Just seeing the look on his face … it was worth it.“

Back in Ottawa, Cuhaci was delivering the book to his nephew, a first-year engineering student.

„I said, ‚You better learn something out of this book because somebody brought it on a stormy day just so you could have it,“ Cuhaci said. „He promised me he would.“

Last week Cuhaci went back to Amazon and added a new comment about the book and its author.

„But I did not change the rating,“ he said. „I want people to look at my comment and see what a dedicated author he is.“



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